Navigating the Nuances of 'Qué' and 'Cuál' in Spanish

Navigating the Nuances of 'Qué' and 'Cuál' in Spanish

Gordon Feliz • Updated Jan 22nd, 2024

Que vs. Cual in Spanish questions

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When learning Spanish, two words that often cause confusion for English speakers are 'Qué' and 'Cuál'. Both can be translated as 'what' in English, but they are used in different contexts in Spanish. Understanding when and how to use these words can significantly improve your fluency and comprehension.


1. 'Qué' - Used for Specificity:

'Qué' is used when asking for a definition or an explanation. It’s about inquiring into the nature or essence of something.



  • "¿Qué es esto?" (What is this?) - Asking for a definition.
  • "¿Qué haces?" (What are you doing?) - Inquiring about an action.


2. 'Cuál' - Used for Selection:

'Cuál' is used when choosing from a range of possibilities or when the answer is already known or implied in the question.



  • "¿Cuál es tu nombre?" (What is your name?) - The name is already known to exist; you are just asking which one it is.
  • "¿Cuál prefieres, café o té?" (Which do you prefer, coffee or tea?) - Choosing from options.


3. Usage in Questions about Subjects:

When asking about subjects, 'qué' is generally used.



  • "¿Qué estudio en la universidad?" (What do I study at the university?)
  • "¿Qué es lo más importante para ti?" (What is most important to you?)


4. Usage with Verbs:

In questions with verbs that imply personal preference or opinion (like 'preferir', 'gustar'), 'cuál' is commonly used.



  • "¿Cuál te gusta más?" (Which do you like more?)
  • "¿Cuál prefieres?" (Which do you prefer?)


5. 'Qué' with Nouns and 'Cuál' with Verbs:

Generally, 'qué' is used before nouns, and 'cuál' is used before verbs.



  • "¿Qué libro lees?" (What book are you reading?) - 'Qué' is used before the noun 'libro'.
  • "¿Cuál estás leyendo?" (Which one are you reading?) - 'Cuál' is used before the verb 'estás leyendo'.


Remember, the key to mastering 'qué' and 'cuál' lies in practice. By exposing yourself to various Spanish texts and conversations, you’ll start to grasp their nuances more naturally. Try to incorporate these words into your Spanish conversations and soon, choosing between 'qué' and 'cuál' will become second nature!

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Language Learning Exercises: Qué vs. Cuál


Exercises for 'Qué' (Specificity and Definition):


¿Qué quieres para tu cumpleaños?
What do you want for your birthday?


¿Qué significa "amistad"?
What does "friendship" mean?


¿Qué película viste anoche?
What movie did you watch last night?


¿Qué tipo de música te gusta?
What kind of music do you like?


¿Qué es más importante, la salud o el dinero?
What is more important, health or money?


Exercises for 'Cuál' (Selection and Choice):


¿Cuál es tu color favorito?
What is your favorite color?


De todos los libros en la estantería, ¿cuál quieres leer?
Of all the books on the shelf, which one do you want to read?


Tengo dos gatos, ¿cuál prefieres, el blanco o el negro?
I have two cats, which do you prefer, the white one or the black one?


¿Cuál es tu opinión sobre el arte moderno?
What is your opinion on modern art?


Hay varias rutas para llegar, ¿cuál deberíamos tomar?
There are several routes to get there, which should we take?


Exercises for 'Qué' with Nouns:


¿Qué libro estás leyendo actualmente?
What book are you currently reading?


¿Qué ciudad te gustaría visitar?
What city would you like to visit?


¿Qué coche conduce tu padre?
What car does your father drive?


¿Qué deporte practicas regularmente?
What sport do you regularly practice?


¿Qué plato típico de tu país recomiendas?
What typical dish from your country do you recommend?


Exercises for 'Cuál' with Verbs:


¿Cuál estás cocinando para la cena?
Which are you cooking for dinner?


¿Cuál prefieres hacer, nadar o correr?
Which do you prefer to do, swim or run?


De todas tus tareas, ¿cuál te gusta más?
Of all your tasks, which do you like the most?


¿Cuál consideras tu mayor logro?
Which do you consider your greatest achievement?


Entre todos los idiomas, ¿cuál quieres aprender?
Among all the languages, which do you want to learn?

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