Spanish for Business: Essential Terms and Phrases for Professionals

Gordon Feliz • Updated Jan 14th, 2024

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¡Hola! Whether you're prepping for a business trip to Spain, or collaborating with Spanish-speaking colleagues, mastering key business terms in Spanish can be a real game-changer. It's not just about expanding your vocabulary; it's about bridging cultures and fostering better professional relationships. So, let's dive into some essential Spanish terms and phrases that every business professional should have up their sleeve. ¡Vamos allá!


1. Negocios (Business)

Example: "Estoy aquí por negocios, no por placer."

Translation: "I am here for business, not pleasure."


2. Reunión (Meeting)

Example: "Tenemos una reunión importante mañana."

Translation: "We have an important meeting tomorrow."


3. Contrato (Contract)

Example: "¿Has leído las cláusulas del contrato?"

Translation: "Have you read the clauses of the contract?"


4. Mercado (Market)

Example: "Nuestro producto es nuevo en el mercado."

Translation: "Our product is new in the market."


5. Estrategia (Strategy)

Example: "Necesitamos desarrollar una mejor estrategia de marketing."

Translation: "We need to develop a better marketing strategy."


6. Inversión (Investment)

Example: "La inversión inicial es bastante alta."

Translation: "The initial investment is quite high."


7. Beneficios (Profits)

Example: "Los beneficios este trimestre superaron las expectativas."

Translation: "The profits this quarter exceeded expectations."


8. Cliente (Client)

Example: "Debemos mantener satisfecho al cliente."

Translation: "We must keep the client satisfied."


9. Liderazgo (Leadership)

Example: "Ella muestra un gran liderazgo en su equipo."

Translation: "She shows great leadership in her team."


10. Competencia (Competition) 

Example: "La competencia en este sector es feroz."

Translation: "The competition in this sector is fierce."


11. Marca (Brand)

Example: "Están trabajando en mejorar la imagen de la marca."

Translation: "They are working on improving the brand image."


12. Ventas (Sales)

Example: "Nuestro equipo de ventas ha superado el objetivo mensual."

Translation: "Our sales team has exceeded the monthly goal."


13. Publicidad (Advertising)

Example: "La campaña de publicidad empezará la próxima semana."

Translation: "The advertising campaign will start next week."


14. Producto (Product)

Example: "Este producto es el líder en su categoría."

Translation: "This product is the leader in its category."


15. Servicio al cliente (Customer Service)

Example: "El servicio al cliente es nuestra prioridad."

Translation: "Customer service is our priority."

Spanish terms customer service guide
Spanish for Business: Practice Conversation Exercise


Objective: This exercise focuses on utilizing all the key business terms and phrases in a conversational setting. Read through the dialogues and observe how each term is naturally integrated into the conversation. This will help you understand the context and usage of each term.


Dialogue 1: Discussing a Business Trip and Market Strategy


Persona A: "Estoy emocionado por el viaje de negocios a Madrid la próxima semana."

(I'm excited about the business trip to Madrid next week.)


Persona B: "Sí, será una buena oportunidad para analizar el mercado y desarrollar nuestra estrategia de expansión."

(Yes, it will be a good opportunity to analyze the market and develop our expansion strategy.)


Dialogue 2: Preparing for a Meeting and Discussing Contracts


Persona A: "Tenemos una reunión importante mañana para finalizar el contrato con nuestros nuevos socios."

(We have an important meeting tomorrow to finalize the contract with our new partners.)


Persona B: "Espero que la inversión que están proponiendo traiga buenos beneficios."

(I hope that the investment they are proposing brings good profits.)


Dialogue 3: Client Relationship and Leadership


Persona A: "Uno de nuestros principales clientes ha expresado preocupaciones sobre el último producto."

(One of our main clients has expressed concerns about the latest product.)


Persona B: "Nuestro equipo de liderazgo debe abordar esto inmediatamente para mantener la reputación de nuestra marca."

(Our leadership team must address this immediately to maintain our brand reputation.)


Dialogue 4: Competition and Sales Strategy


Persona A: "La competencia en el sector tecnológico está aumentando rápidamente."

(The competition in the tech sector is increasing rapidly.)


Persona B: "Necesitamos impulsar nuestras ventas con una campaña de publicidad más agresiva."

(We need to boost our sales with a more aggressive advertising campaign.)


Dialogue 5: Product Development and Customer Service


Persona A: "Estamos lanzando un nuevo producto la próxima semana que esperamos sea un éxito."

(We are launching a new product next week which we hope will be a success.)


Persona B: "Excelente, asegurémonos de que nuestro servicio al cliente esté listo para responder a cualquier consulta."

(Excellent, let's make sure our customer service is ready to respond to any inquiries.)

Spanish business phrases lesson


Additional Resources To Learn More About Corporate Spanish Terms


Here are several valuable online resources that will help you learn and improve your Spanish skills:

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Learn Spanish Fast: Key Phrases for Travelers - This article offers essential phrases and vocabulary for travelers, which can be particularly beneficial for business professionals visiting Spanish-speaking countries. Understanding these key phrases can aid in smoother communication in both travel and business contexts.

Speak Like a Local: Common Spanish Slang Words and Phrases - For those looking to deepen their cultural understanding and conversational skills in Spanish, this article provides insights into common slang and colloquial expressions. It's useful for business professionals who want to communicate more effectively and naturally with Spanish-speaking colleagues and clients.


Mezzoguild: This website offers a comprehensive list of resources for business Spanish, including apps, coursebooks, and vocabulary lists. It's a great starting point for anyone looking to improve their business Spanish language skills.


Preply: Preply provides corporate Spanish training with personalized lessons and individualized feedback from experienced teachers. It's ideal for enhancing specific business Spanish skills such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening.


FluentU: FluentU offers a unique approach to learning business Spanish through real-world videos, such as music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspiring talks, turning them into personalized language learning lessons. This method is beneficial for those who want to learn Spanish as it's actually spoken in the real world.


Let's Speak Spanish: This website provides YouTube videos focusing on business-related topics such as contracts and company descriptions in Spanish. It also offers online lessons tailored to different proficiency levels, from beginners to advanced.


Books and Textbooks: Consider "The Hispanic Economics English/Spanish Dictionary of Banking & Finance" and "Speak Business Spanish Like an Executive" for in-depth vocabulary and usage guidance in business settings. These books are excellent for those who already have an intermediate to advanced level of Spanish.

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